Application of technology in Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the basic necessities of society. Over the last few decades healthcare has seen immense growth and development due to technological advancements. Technology in healthcare has found various applications and changed the face of the industry. New and innovative ways of applying technology to healthcare is on the rise. Technologies developed for healthcare are being specifically designed to meet various healthcare needs.

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Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)
The application of the Internet of Things (IoT) to healthcare is a comparatively new aspect in its early stages. IoT for healthcare is the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). The concept behind IoMT is, a network of connected devices that read important data in real time. With the use of IoMT, machine to machine learning, real-time intervention solutions, devices with IoMT like – smart and wearable devices, mobile healthcare applications, the point of care kits etc. are the advantages of IoMT.

The use of IoMT will enhance the healthcare system. It promotes personalized care which means it can be customized to accommodate different health issue for people and provide the best possible care. Like mentioned above, IoMT is at a beginner level so far in healthcare but is making tremendous progress as new applications are constantly being designed and developed. There are smart monitoring systems for patients, health and fitness applications on smartphones that customize diets and exercises for users, wearable technologies, ingestible sensors, insulin pens, and more IoMT technologies are becoming a part of the healthcare system.

Internet of Medical Things promotes higher standards of healthcare due to its personalized and specific data-driven treatments which are individualistic. IoMT has the capacity to drastically influence and bring about positive change in the healthcare system. IoMT is believed to improve delivery, reliability, and affordability of healthcare in the coming years. IoMt, is just one example of the application of technology in healthcare.

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Blockchain in Healthcare
Blockchain exploded onto the scenes of new technologies with cryptocurrencies and since then has shown promise in different fields by branching out. The application of blockchain to healthcare is a relatively new concept but so far, the effects have been positive. Blockchain has already made an impact on digital healthcare marketing and is being implemented in a various way.

The main use of blockchain technology in healthcare is the effect on digital record keeping. With blockchain, digital ledgers can be maintained with transparency an improve the safety of data as well. Blockchain technology enables the storage of personal data and information input remains with the patient itself rather than then being stored on application owned servers. Micropayments, supply chain integrity, sharing and ownership of medical data, secure data, fraud prevention etc. are the results of using blockchain in healthcare. There are many more possible applications of blockchain in healthcare which are believed to change the healthcare system for the better.

The use of blockchain in healthcare also effects positively for data provenance, electronic records, monitoring systems, the collection of data from different devices, patient health information and many more. With blockchain in healthcare, the level of security increases and this naturally leads to ensuring data safety.

Healthcare CRM
In the Healthcare sector, CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management and a broadly used term for CRM is Healthcare Relationship Management. TheCRM’s in healthcare uses multiple sources of data based on age, geography, social and behavioral patterns etc. to get information on patient activities and habits. The main aim of CRM in healthcare can be described as engagement, acquiring and retaining patients. CRM is in place to improve the functioning of the system by getting a complete view of the process from the patient’s point of view.

The CRM benefits the system by getting the entire view of consumers and gathering data through sources. Patient engagement is improved through CRM by creating personalized reach through data collection. With CRM, patient feedback is important and there are strategies to reach a maximum number of candidates for healthcare marketing. CRM plays a major role in personalized care for the patients through their data and insights. CRM technology in healthcare has now proved that it can function well to improve the overall healthcare system.

The CRM technology is capable of reaching a large number of users for relevant information through multiple communication channels like texts, emails or phone calls. CRM is a completely data-driven technology which collects information for the benefits of consumers. CRM in healthcare has been in practice for a few years and overall it has proved to have more advantages.

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Healthcare and technology go hand in hand these days. There are many new technologies being developed for healthcare to improve the system and benefit the patients. The use of technology has improved the experience of patients with healthcare and that is the main aim. The application of technology in healthcare is transforming the industry mostly for the better and it is going to keep on evolving through the years.

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